to blog or not to blog?

to blog or not to blog?

July 28, 2010  |  knowledge, leadership, life, main blog, philosophy

 “Be very careful sticking your head up and writing a blog”, came the wise counsel of one of my conservative friends. He understands that I am a professional director and was being supportive and protective in his known world of risk management. The very next day, another colleague who had read my blog phoned to explore the possibilities of forming an alliance of influential people to work on sustainable futures. Obviously this wouldn’t have opened up without the blog.

These contrasting experiences set me thinking about the pros and cons of writing a blog – a concept that has been around for over a decade, but is still alive and well. Some bloggers have migrated to social media and some are now using social media to support their blogs.

Why should I write a blog?

  • We have migrated from a world where “knowledge is power” to one where “sharing knowledge is power”. By sharing, the blog becomes a conduit for additional knowledge and networking. It is the perfect place for focussed attention for an interested community. Network learning is the way of the future.
  • A regular blog stimulates thinking around subjects and requires a disciplined approach to developing that thinking. As such, it can become a powerful learning vehicle – a bit like doing your homework! It often adds to thought leadership.
  • Blogs are permanent and can be grouped in a way that stimulates ongoing discovery and interaction
  • Being a professional is also about contributing as well as consuming
  • You own your work in a self-hosted blog and remain in total control of its content and submitted comments
  • By putting your “head on the block” and because content is public, open to scrutiny and has an infinite life, authenticity and openness is demanded and more likely to be delivered through a blog

Why shouldn’t I write a blog?

  • Blogs can be addictive and a drain on time
  • Some people have a perception that writing a blog is self-indulgent and tend to categorize bloggers as ego trippers
  • There is a risk of offending someone who is in a position to influence your desired outcomes in life or career
  • The challenge to keep the material interesting, regular, original and relevant can be daunting
  • There is an underlying assumption that people will be interested in what you post

So it looks like the ayes have it! Now what will that next blog be about? Perish the thought of blogophobia!

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  1. Congratulations on your first meta-blog KB! May there be many more to come.

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