Richard Hamilton 2008 Hut Block Cabernet Sauvignon

July 26, 2010  |  wine review


I’m always searching for a good value red under $20. Based on the hand written recommendations in the window of the Berry bottle shop (Princes Highway, Berry) this one promised to fit the bill. My tasting notes:

“Distinctive linalool on the nose, aggressive alcohol masking berry fruit which opens up a little on the front palate. Attacks with dark cherry and bramble berry – not unlike a pinot. Wine out of balance with a somehwat “contrived” feel – maybe some American oak not quite in synch. May settle in time and allow the subtle blackcurrant and mint overtones to evolve. Although 14.5% alcohol, thin on the back palate. Would like to see again in 18 months. 86/100″

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