life advice from the pointy end

life advice from the pointy end

 When I used to fly up the pointy end of the plane, there was nothing like a glass of Krug and freedom from electronic invasion, to stimulate the brain. I did some of my most creative work in the air. The following list of “life advice” given to my daughters in 2001, flowed from the beautiful bead at ten thousand metres……

  • Learn Spanish and visit as many places where it is spoken that you can
  • Take risks but be sharp when you do
  • Find a partner who will cherish you and who has soul, depth, passion and strength
  • Drink less and better
  • Share stunning experiences with your parents as they grow older
  • Be slow to judge, quick to relate and balanced in your conclusion
  • Respect, reputation and credibility are hard earned and easily lost – value these attributes
  • Mostly travel off the beaten track
  • Let passion and positivity reign over cynicism and mediocrity
  • Develop self-esteem to match your talent and most barriers to fulfilment will be removed
  • Be humble because we are lucky to be who and where we are
  • Place your trust in others wisely – they are not all like you
  • Have fun but understand when to knuckle down – hard work generally precedes success
  • Lust after knowledge
  • Understand the power of subtlety in todays “in your face” world
  • Those who respect you for being strong and independent will be your best friends
  • Be either switched on or switched off – never be caught half way
  • Embrace dancing for fitness, romance and fun
  • Do what you can to save the earth – we are losing the battle
  • Mentor/sponsor/support someone younger
  • Ask of yourself what you ask of others
  • See how much more you hear when you listen without judgement
  • When something goes wrong, seek to learn, not to blame
  • Understand and appreciate music – the international language
  • Look at the big picture – love is always there
  • Extensively use the best stress beaters – laughter and exercise
  • Allow the high of life to transcend over artificially induced highs
  • Whatever you pay attention to will grow stronger in your life.
  • Show empathy most to those who annoy you most
  • Ask questions instead of making statements

It’s easy to give advice – particularly when sipping Krug – and much harder to accept it or do anything about it, even if it hits the target. I was chuffed to discover recently that these beautiful women still carry a copy.


  1. Its true, we do! This little gems were passed on to us well before the trend of advice lists forwarded by email, or whacking inspiring ‘ dance like no one’s watching’ messgaes on every cup, card and magnet at a newsagent. They’ve shaped the approach to my last 10 years.

    Still working on the drink less and better, but nailed the partner, off-track travel, laughter and risks! And just booked in for Salsa lessons…

    Thanks Dad. Every now and then you can be very wise ;p

  2. Ken

    That is one of the best of these types lists I have seen – I am sorry I came to it 18 months late (or 52 years – depending on how I look at it). I am not only giving it to my kids but might try and live by it myself!

    Like you, I am also fortunate to fly at the pointy end but I must confess that after a couple of glasses of Krug, I am inevitably drawn into the Land of Nod, rather than toying with inspirational and humanistic ways to live.

    So I not only take my hat off for your wisdom but also you ability to remain more than coherent (whilst under the influence) on matters relating to mastering the challenges of and adding texture to, this thing called “life”.

    Have a great 2012.


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