kemeny’s hidden label martinborough pinot 2008

July 30, 2010  |  wine review

Kemeny’s really do provide some amazing value with their hidden label wines. This one is a real revelation. If you look closely on the label, it’s possible to identify the source of the wine. In this case, the winemaker is none other than Steve Smith (master of wine) – co-owner and winemaker of Craggy Range winery. This wine has been put together from fruit grown at Te Muna in the Waipara region of the Martinborough – just east of Wellington. The 2008 Craggy Range pinot sells for NZ$33 – a far cry from the $15 I paid at Kemeny’s.

My tasting notes follow:

Good condition and brilliant bright red colour. Seductive nose – all pinot! Cherries and cut flowers. Attacks with intense balck cherries and a little spice with some subtle oak. Silky texture and finishes with great length and finesse. High quality pinot at a ridiculous price.  94/100


  1. For some reason my browser doesn’t display this page correctly… Anyway, it was a really interesting article, keep up the good work and I will be back for more

  2. When you say ‘look closely on the label’ do you mean ‘ask the wine guy at Kemenys’? As far as I know the label only shows year, grape and region.

    If not, how do you identify it?

  3. John – Look closely on the label and in the background you will see lines nad lines of letters – H, L, K repeated. Keep searching and there will be a name somewhere in this mix of letters – the nake of the winemaker, which is a great clue to identifying the wine. Often winemaker’s parcel a batch from either their employer or privately, to sell into Kemeny’s. Ken

  4. just opened a bottle of this and it’s fantastic, its now 20.99 individually and still amazingly good value. there is another yarra valley pinot they sell for about 16bucks (another hidden label) but this knocks the socks off it – well worth the extra few dollars in my book.

    • Thanks JC – must get the latest and review it. We’re blessed with choice at the moment – check out http://www.backvintage.c0m as well. Enjoy it while we can because hidden label quality is likely to fall with the shocking recent vintage in Australia. Ken

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