and the fairies danced at midnight

and the fairies danced at midnight

September 21, 2011  |  life, main blog

I went to a wedding recently – probably been to 30 others over the years – but this one was different. It was a three day festival – the Tie the Knot Festival in the stunning Kangaroo Valley.

A talented bride and groom were the planners, architects and visionaries behind organising and delivering a complex event. They celebrated the philosophy of inclusiveness, with every one of the 140 guests having a particular role, however small. The broader participation of generous guests somehow added to the fulfilment – almost as though we all had a hand in creating this unique experience. The wedding planners catered for diverse interests (from yoga to karaoke), in this non-stop cauldron of activity that flowed from Friday afternoon until Sunday morning.

The wedding component was special – the love between the marrying couple so authentic and apparent in many ways. Their bespoke vows, exchanged in a bush cathedral of spiritual significance, transcended a ceremony of tradition and spontaneity. The bride jumped up and down with excitement when the celebrant pronounced them man and wife. Spoken blessings from friends and family were original and heartfelt, the bride and groom never stopped grinning. In this timeless bush setting, flanked by massive rock walls and lofty trees, we were united with nature and could feel a flood of love, emotion and spirituality wash over us. No more words were needed.

There was only a handful of baby boomers present – this was a festival for the bride and groom’s friends. When the band stopped playing at the reception, these friends were transformed on mass into fairies, in the blink of an eye. They seemed to have done it before and were eager to seek their collective liberation through costume and friendship.

It was different because we had sensory stimulation, from the stunning location at Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat, to the food and beverage (cocktails, Back Vintage fizz, Berry sourdough bakery breakfast, Duck Duck Goose catering), and to the infectious enthusiasm of a collective of fun loving, caring young men and women. Constant stimulation also came from a spirit and tone which transcended the event….a spirit of love, inclusion, care and friendship. It was truly remarkable.

That bride is my daughter, Catherine – and you can’t begin to imagine how happy I am for her, and how much I love and respect her – and her caring, understanding husband, Cyrus. My mate Les, a person of great depth and wisdom, penned the following verse which captured powerfully the essence of the festival. I offer it with his permission and my total admiration.

 the fairies danced at midnight

kindred spirits wait

dwarfed by nature

bush beauty

and weathered rock

the voice of an angel

time stops

wisdom shared

vows read

clouds passed overhead

as tears flowed

with contagion joy

and the fairies danced at midnight.


ordered grace

laughter, courage

a warm embrace

family pride

on display

a speechless bride

remained at play

the bush sparkled

the knot tied tight

and the fairies danced at midnight.

colour, movement

souls set free

costumes, lanterns

burning trees

moonlight magic

stars shone bright

a sea of love

at high tide

and the fairies danced at midnight.

audacious, amazing

never again

a one off moment

shared with friends

creative joy

knows no bounds

when spirit soars

and laughter sounds

and fairies dance at midnight


  1. What a gorgeous post and what a stunning poem… bought a tear to my eye!! You sound very proud. Congratulations. xx

  2. Ken Beautifully described both by you and your poet mate. I enjoyed reading “the bride danced with excitement”—that’s what it meant anyway—-a commitment–and that’s what it is all about and her demonstrative dance said just that. The loyalty and support of friends so clearly spoken–and a very proud old man. God’s blessing on you all. Mine too. Graham S

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