Hi, I am Ken Boundy, a hesitant blogger, but one who is fascinated and stimulated by the possibilities arising from the digital world. I am encouraged by my daughter Catherine (see www.pitchfever.wordpress.com ), who believes that I have thoughts others might want to hear.

 My backgroud is in country Australia and science - both important elements in creating heightened awareness about environment, water, land use and conservation issues. I have worked in large corporations, SME’s and small start ups and had the privilege of heading up Tourism Australia for four years. Organisational behaviour and change fascinate me. 

I am a philosopher, socially progressive and interested in sustainable futures and Australia’s place in the world. I enjoy wine and food, travel, digital and traditional marketing, growing plants and healthy living. My purpose in life is to help people and organisations realise their potential.

My blog is eclectic and combines many themes – current affairs, philosophy, management and leadership, travel and wine. My wine section focuses on affordable discoveries. We are blessed in Australiain being able to access very good wine for between $15 and $20 per bottle and great wines for a little more. The travel tips and tales are all personal experiences from Australia and overseas.

I thank my friend Damien Siviero for his help and guidance in the digital world. It is worth checking out his amazing website that gets 2000 views per day. See www.damiensiviero.com

My contact details are ken@boundys.com  or @rhubarblover on Twitter